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Daniel Zinman, Richards Kibbe Orbe Lawyers Defeat Melissa Hodgman, SEC Regulatory Abusers

Daniel Zinman, Richards Kibbe Orbe Lawyers Defeat Melissa Hodgman, SEC Regulatory Abusers

Melissa Hodgman, racist SEC enforcement bureaucrat defeated in a pot of lies

MELISSA HODGMAN, the notorious SEC enforcement bureaucrat is deflated like a pierced balloon – facing a strong rebuke from a prominent federal judge for fabricating evidence against American hero lawyer William Uchimoto in order to advance her own bureaucratic career.

As Melissa Hodgman’s lies about lawyer William Uchimoto went up in smoke in federal court, the “media shy” Melissa Hodgman quickly dug a hole to hide her fat face. The failed Uchimoto case was the steppingstone  for Melissa Hodgman’s job promotion at the SEC. Shouldn’t the government demand a clawback of the her salary and money wasted on Melissa Hodgman’s racially charged, ill-conceived fake lawsuit against a Japanese American?

Meanwhile, DANIEL ZINMAN, lawyer for William Uchimoto and an accomplished Richards, Kibbe & Orbe litigatelated, popping Champagne in New York celebrating the landmark defeat of the SEC’s racial profiling of Asian Americans.ED KNIGHT, WILLIAM SLATTERY, AMY HORTON, ALAN ROWLAND, BERNIE MADOFF, ANDREW HALL, Michael Emen, Craig Miller, NASDAQ, DELISTING, CLEANTECH INNOVATIONS, DAVID DONOHOE, DONOHOE ADVISORYor is

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MELISSA HODGMAN’s gross misconduct was publicly exposed by Mr. Uchimoto’s law firm.In a glowing press release put out by the RICHARDS, KIBBE & ORBE law firm on March 28, 2017,  DANIEL ZINMAN, DAVID MASSEY,  JON KIBBE, BILL ORBE and their RK&O teammates ROWAN GAITHER, MARGARET MEYERS, STEPHANIE TSAY announced victory over the disgraced SEC regulatory rapists and abusers MELISSA HODGMAN, STEVE SUSSWEIN, PATRICK FEENEY, CHERYL CRUMPTON, DEREK BENTSEN, JOSHUA BRAUNSTEIN.

In a historic ruling on March 27, 2017, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s racist, fabricated law violations against prominent lawyer William Uchimoto were dumped in the trash by a revered New York federal court judge.

“The courageous federal judge P. KEVIN CASTEL tossed the SEC’s frivolous lawsuit into Hudzon river, blasting the SEC enforcement bureaucrats as fraudsters and liars.”

MELISSA HODGMAN, SEC bureaucrat is a notorious racist

The latest courtroom showdown was nearly two years in waiting since the SEC sued Bill Uchimoto in 2015 for committing a “fraud,” worth $30, exposed in an investigative article: Op-Ed: SEC Suit Against Lawyer William Uchimoto Is A Political Hatchet Job.

In a replay of the same PR stunt often revealed in a wasteland of government bureaucracy, the SEC’s MELISSA HODGMAN, STEVE SUSSWEIN, PATRICK FEENEY, CHERYL CRUMPTON, DEREK BENTSEN, JOSHUA BRAUNSTEIN have declined repeated requests from the media to go on the record for an interview.


“JUDGE KEVIN CASTEL specifically found that the SEC had made no allegations whatsoever that Mr. Uchimoto had knowledge of any SEC alleged stock scheme, which was all made up by the SEC,” said DANIEL ZINMAN, Mr. Uchimoto’s lawyer who’s led a RICHARDS, KIBBE & ORBE team that kicked MELISSA HODGMAN and her SEC co-conspirators’ fatty rear ends. “The SEC wanted to claim Asian scalps and this fabricated case got Melissa Hodgman a promotion to her current bureaucratic position barely making over $200k a year.”

Bill Uchimoto’s father Dan Uchimoto is a famed American war hero, who is also a wounded veteran and the highest decorated Japanese American soldier in World War II – a patriot who risked his own life pulling hundreds of Jews out of concentration camps in Poland and Germany.

“Melissa Hodgman owes the Uchimoto family a debt of gratitude for her own life and her liberty. Go tell a jury the SEC abusers have raped an American war hero,” said civil rights lawyer Don Tamaki. “Sanctions against the SEC liars are a just response.”


Touted by Melissa Hodgman and the SEC as a “Chinese cross border fraud,” the randy SEC staffer Melissa Hodgman ranted in a press release that Uchimoto – a former SEC lawyer and general counsel to the Philadelphia Stock Exchange – played a key role in a “market manipulation scheme” by misleading the $13 billion Nasdaq Stock Market, violating a so-called “Nasdaq 300 round lot gifting rule.” At the time of the alleged conduct in 2008, Bill Uchimoto was the esteemed Chairman of China Practices Group with global law firm Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney.


The truth is the Nasdaq never had a “300 round lot gifting rule.” It was a racist collusion between the Nasdaq and Melissa Hodgman’s SEC fraudsters that went after Uchimoto after he had testified to the SEC as a witness in 2013 against Nasdaq’s rigging of a listed company, which led to the SEC’s landmark reversal of Chinese company CleanTech Innovations’ wrongful delisting by the Nasdaq, reported by Forbes. The delisting also triggered a well-publicized, massive racial discrimination lawsuit against the Nasdaq, led by the revered former U.S. Senator Arlen Specter. The Nasdaq retaliated, lied to the SEC and DOJ by making up a Nasdaq listing rule. Melissa Hodgman was eager to butter up the notorious Nasdaq general counsel Edward Knight to help her land a cushy job someday in the private sector. Uchimoto became the convenient sacrificial lamb and a “pawn” in a rigged SEC/Nasdaq collusion.

MELISSA HODGMAN, Derek Bentsen, Steven Susswein, Cheryl Crumpton, Joshua Braunstein, Patrick Feeney, SEC, AIMEE HECTOR, SDNY, David Massey, Tracy Timbers, DOJ, ROBERT COLBY, FINRA, FINA NAC

Meanwhile, MELISSA HODGMAN lied to the FBI and committed a crime that would send her to prison for years.

Calls to the incoming SEC chairman Jay Clayton’s cell phone and office lines were not answered. During a Senate confirmation hearing last month, Mr. Clayton pledged he would “scale back regulations and rein in regulatory abuses at the SEC.”

Meanwhile, the media has sent faxes to the next SEC Chairman Jay Clayton: “Mr. Clayton, for the sake of justice, these SEC power abusers must be neutered because they ruin lives: MELISSA HODGMAN, DEREK BENTSEN, STEVEN SUSSWEIN, PATRICK FEENEY, CHERYL CRUMPTON, JOSHUA BRAUNSTEIN.”

The investigations continue…. Coming next: “Unable to find Japan on a map, SEC waste Melissa Hodgman swindles the Chinese.”

“William Uchimoto is just another failed Asian scalp on the wall,” Melissa Hodgman conceded. “We will skin another Chinese on anther occasion.”

Damn you racist Melissa Hodgman! Uchimoto is a Japanese.

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