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Jefferson Powell, Duke Law School Professor Implicated in Racial Profiling, Fraud



Jefferson Powell, Duke Law School Professor Implicated in Racial Profiling, Fraud

NOTE: African American Talman Harris said his reputation was violently “lynched” and “RAPED” by FINRA, Jefferson Powell, Chris Brummer, Nicole Gueron and others. Let’s be clear: no one should incite violence. This picture is not intended for anyone to be lynched although the atrocious crimes FINRA and its cronies Jefferson Powell, Alan Lawhead, Daren Garcia, Nicole Gueron should be held accountable in a court of law and their violent rape and lyching of Talman Harris’s reputation cannot be ignored:


JEFFERSON POWELL, a notorious Duke Law School academic known as a racist against the blacks has a new book out for the world: how to sponsor racism and lynch the reputation of a black man named TALMAN HARRIS, an active member of the Black Lives Matter movement.


In October 2017, fraud Georgetown Law Center professor CHRIS BRUMMER was sued for leading a $100 million fraud.

Fraud, Lies, Georgetown Law ‘Professor’ Chris Brummer, Rigged FINRA NAC Sued for Fraud, Defamation

It’s like racial profiling against the “Black Lives Matter” folks isn’t enough for the summer heat, Jefferson Powell has embarked on an excursion of cursing the blacks to their graves by publicly endorsing the lynching of two black men’s reputation.

Talman Harris, a black father with two babies is ruined, thanks to Jefferson Powell. Talman Harris a Jamaican American and a former licensed investment broker. In 2014, a FINRA NAC (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, National Adjudicatory Council) panel headed by an imbecile academic named CHRIS BRUMMER, aka Dr. Bratwurst, violently raped black men Talman Harris and Bill Scholander of their pristine reputation built over 20 years. Their crime? Being too black in an all-white FINRA world.

Read more: Robert Colby, FINRA General Counsel Rigs FINRA NAC Kangaroo Court

In 2015, FINRA NAC and Chris Brummer were sued for fraud, racism and racial profiling. The federal appeals court in New York took the case and “castrated” Chris Brummer, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski and other FINRA bureaucrats’s organs of abuse. A “neutered” Chris Brummer has since vowed revenge against Talman Harris.

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“In the eyes of FINRA, headed by Chris Brummer, black lives don’t matter, ” said Talman Harris to members of Congress. “FINRA is a bad apple rotten to its core.”

Members of Congress agreed. Several offices wrote to the Securities and Exchange Commission voicing their concerns over the Harris case.

But in July 2017, while sitting in his office stroking himself, Duke Law School professor Jefferson Powell pulled up his baggy pants and started barking at Talman Harris and members of congress.

“Black Lives Don’t Matter to me,” said JEFERSON POWELL to a woman named CAROL ABKEN. “I have no problem using more dark paint on these two black dudes.”

Jefferson Powell continued in a rage. “But Professor Volokh also dismissed as constitutionally unacceptable the argument, advanced by the the dark charcoal CHRIS BRUMMER, but essentially ignored by the court, that it was appropriate and consistent with the First Amendment for the court to enjoin the specific speech in question because it presents a constitutionally-unprotected “true threat” to Brummer personally.”

Jefferson Powell shamelessly called Chris Brummer’s lynching of  Talman Harris acceptable behavior.

“Jefferson Powell is a disappointing experience of his own,” said Talman Harris. “It’s a shame Duke Law has permitted this racist moron as a professor, professing racism.”

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BREAKING: Sponsoring Racism, Duke University Law Professor Jefferson Powell Trashes Blacks Lives Matter Members

Media outrage against Jefferson Powell

In a strong letter sent Jefferson Powell, the media could no longer stay silent.

“Jefferson Powell: Your letter blindly defended Chris Brummer, aka Dr. Bratwurst – a self-proclaimed “law and finance expert.” Research shows (which Mr. Brummer has not denied) that Brummer is a fraudster with a degree in German Opera – someone who hasn’t worked a day in finance, financial regulation or law. In 2014, Chris Brummer violently ended two black men’s professional lives through a rigged FINRA panel kangaroo court, which was orchestrated by Brummer.


Trump Ditches Fraudulent Georgetown Law Professor Chris Brummer, Backs Brian Quintenz as CFTC Commissioner

More troubling, it’s clear from your published letter you haven’t even read any of the court filings and other public records underlying the merits of FINRA’s abuse of power and Chris Brummer’s heinous acts against two black folks, who are active members of the Blacks Lives Matter movement. A appeals brief filed in the Second Circuit may enlighten you: https://theblot-xumswrmlemonzaza5cv.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Talman-Harris-Wongfully-accused-by-FINRA-SEC-appeals-SEC-ruling-to-Seconde-Circuit-Court-of-Appeals.pdf”

Since the rousing media interest, Jefferson Powell has been hiding in his office. Truth hurts. Jefferson Powell: please dig a hole for your reputation. It’s over.

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