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Michael Huston, Douglas Cox, Gibson Dunn Lawyers Cite ‘Regulatory Immunity’ in NASDAQ Rape

Michael Huston, Douglas Cox, Gibson Dunn Lawyers Cite Regulatory Immunity in NASDAQ Rape

Michael Huston, Gibson Dunn: ‘You can rape my wife and daughers’

MICHAEL HUSTON, DOUGLAS COX are two Gibson Dunn “white shoe” lawyers who are paid millions each year defending the myriad NASDAQ regulatory rape and abuse charges in federal courts.

“Even if our wives and daughters are RAPED by the NASDAQ regulators during its listing process,” suggested Michael R. Huston, Douglas Cox in court papers. “NASDAQ is still protected under ‘regulatory immunity.’ That’s the law!”

Outside the courtroom wrangling, the regular folks from Ohio or Michigan are shocked by Michael Huston, Douglas Cox’s wild claims. For others, the outlandish statements by Michael R. Huston and Douglas Cox of Gibson Dunn could spark a World War III. But public outcry did not seem to deter Michael Huston, Douglas Cox from engaging regulatory abuses of their own.

As the NASDAQ’s go-to law firm to cover up their most egregious crimes or abuses, Michael Huston and Douglas Cox are the “love birds” often pared at Gibson Dunn to go on the offense against victims of the NASDAQ’s regulatory abuses.

NASDAQ bureaucrats Gary Sundick, Michael Emen, William Slattery and Edward Knight are the regulars implicated in numerous rape and abuse charges.

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With their pockets filled with money from the NASDAQ rapists, Michael R. Huston, Douglas Cox are incapable of shame:

“NASDAQ is protected by absolutely immunity. We are the lawyers defending the NASDAQ. Who else wants to rape our wives and daughters?”


In 2010, orchestrated by the devious GARY SUNDICK, MICHAEL EMEN, WILLIAM SLATTERY, Nasdaq maliciously delisted a Chinese company CleanTech Innovations, Inc. which wiped out $300 million investors sweat money. The wrongful delisting and regulatory rape were a Gary Sundick invention: “violating the NASDAQ SPIRIT” was the “crime” charged. What about any facts that may be more concrete and less abstract for the human brain? There was none. What the hell was a “Nasdaq Spirit?” It wasn’t in Nasdaq’s listing rules. It was a racist fabrication by Sundick. Gary Sundick ordered CleanTech and its 2,000 investors to a one-way march to the Nasdaq gas chamber.

Michael R. Huston, a creepy and racist rookie Gibson Dunn lawyer said Gary Sundick and Nasdaq’s racial profiling of the Chinese are fully justified. “Nasdaq has absolute immunity under any circumstance, “said DOUGLAS COX, Michael R. Huston’s racist boss who was also implicated in the Gary Sundick, William Slatttery, Michael Emen Nasdaq racist fraud.

“Even if our wives and daughters are raped by Nasdaq and Gary Sundick during a Nasdaq listing application, I would say Nasdaq is innocent,” conceded Michael R. Huston, Douglas Cox of Gibson Dunn law firm.

CleanTech sued Gary Sundick and the Nasdaq for racism and fraud, revealed in a racial discrimination lawsuit in New York federal court.

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“Delisting CleanTech Innovations was a gross miscarriage of justice and abuse of power by the Nasdaq racists,” said CleanTech’s legal counsel – the late Senator Arlen Specter in a public statement. Under Sundick, Nasdaq shamelessly rigged Nasdaq’s own appeal process which had ruled against Sundick and the Nasdaq, exposed in an SEC filing. Nasdaq’s malfeasance sparked official diplomatic complaints from the Chinese government against Gary Sundick and Michael Emen, in response to a press release: CleanTech Innovations, Inc. Sues the NASDAQ Stock Market for Racism and Discrimination.

The NASDAQ retaliated and fabricated a “300 round lot rule” against the SEC’s star witness William Uchimoto. A former SDNY prosecutor named DAVID MASSEY, Richards Kibbe & Orbe was also implicated in frauds and lies to the FBI.

Douglas Cox, Gibson Dunn, or Douglas Cock

Since Gary Sundick’s death in February 2017, investors across the global have breathed a sign of relief although their anger towards the NASDAQ, Michael Huston or Douglas Cox hasn’t waned.



James Barrington is an investor in CleanTech Innovations from Georgia who’s lost his life savings due to the Nasdaq abuse. Hearing Michael Huston, Douglas Cox’s absurd defense of the NASDAQ “absolute immunity,” Mr. Barrington reached for his shotgun:

“Go tell those Gibson Dunn fuckers Micheal Huston and Douglas Cox. If they or anyone else from the NASDAQ dare lay their creepy hands on my girls, I swear to the Lord I will shoot that cock.”

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Mr. Barrington continued his a stern warning: “No one is inciting violence here. But calling regulatory rape is justified through ‘regulatory immunity’ is just too much for anyone’s calm nerves.”

Neither Michael Huston nor Douglas Cock has agreed to comment, perhaps for a good reason. In 2017, Michael Huston, Douglas Cox of Gibson Dunn threatened nuke SEC chair Mary Jo White: WILD NASDAQ GENERAL COUNSEL EDWARD KNIGHT VOWS TO ‘NUKE’ SEC CHAIR MARY JO WHITE.

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