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  NOTE: African American Talman Harris said his reputation was violently “lynched” and “RAPED” by FINRA, Jefferson Powell, Chris Brummer, Nicole Gueron and others. Let’s be clear: no one should incite violence. This picture is not intended for anyone to be lynched although the atrocious crimes FINRA and its cronies Jefferson Powell, Alan Lawhead,...
  Melissa Hodgman, the racist SEC enforcement bureaucrat defeated in a pot of lies MELISSA HODGMAN, the notorious SEC enforcement bureaucrat is deflated like a pierced balloon – facing a strong rebuke from a prominent federal judge for fabricating evidence against American hero lawyer William Uchimoto in order to shamelessly advance her own dismal...
Michael Huston, Gibson Dunn: ‘You can rape my wife and daughers’ MICHAEL HUSTON, DOUGLAS COX are two Gibson Dunn “white shoe” lawyers who are paid millions each year defending the myriad NASDAQ regulatory rape and abuse charges in federal courts. “Even if our wives and daughters are RAPED by the NASDAQ regulators during its listing...

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