Chris Brummer, FINRA NAC Panel Member Has Degree in Grilling Bratwurst, No Reg


Chris Brummer, FINRA NAC Panel Member Has Degree in Grilling Bratwurst, No Reg

Chris Brummer, FINRA NAC member grilling Bratwurst

FINRA NAC panel member, Georgetown nutty professor Chris Brummer is the latest example of a wasted government agency managed by very stupid people. It’s not just campaign rhetoric from president Trump, it’s indeed a fact of life in America after eight years of the Obama policies of stifling job growth, promoting incompetent people filled with glossy resumes but no real life work experience.


In October 2017, CHRIS BRUMMER was sued $100 million for committing fraud against several professionals, lawsuit saysRead more: FRAUD, LIES, GEORGETOWN LAW ‘PROFESSOR’ CHRIS BRUMMER, RIGGED FINRA NAC SUED FOR FRAUD, DEFAMATION.


Chris Brummer, the Curious Georgetown Law Professor Knows No Law

Chris Brummer reflects the danger and harm of how an academic loser has ruined innocent lives. Known as the “Georgetown ‘law professor’ who knows no law,” Chris Brummer has a ridiculous degree in “Germanic Studies.” What’s that? Well, grilling Bratwurst sausages, bedding naked European women or men, drinking tons of dark beer and singing lots of opera in German. What about financial regulations, agriculture or the law? None. Germanic Studies is basically a useless bullshit degree for the free-spirited treehuggers.

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Thanks to his sheepskin in “Germanic Studies,” Georgetown professor Chris Brummer is proud to be called a “Dr.” In reality, Chris Brummer is more famous as Georgetown’s “Dr. Bratwurst.” He may be great at grilling Bratwurst sausages, but not as a FINRA arbitration panel member charged with the critical task of applying securities laws to innocent folks. There is no securities law required in cooking Bratwurst.

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Dr. Bratwurst – Chris Brummer’s apparent lack of qualifications didn’t bother FINRA, the notorious Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Touted as a “non-profit,” FINRA is a highly profitable, $2 billion-a-year “non-profit” business headed by its racist general counsel Robert Colby, a career bureaucrat who collects $3 million a year in cash from raping FINRA members.

Investment broker Talman Harris’s horrific FINRA NAC experience feels like the textbook definition of #DrainTheSwamp FINRA fraud. Chris Brummer, FINRA NAC and Chris Brummer’s wife Rachel Loko were caught as regulatory rapists and fraudsters, echoed by Trump’s #DrainTheSwamp movement, exposed in a Timeline of FINRA Harassment Against Talman Harris.  Talman Harris could hardly hold back his emotions during meetings with Congressmen on Capitol Hill:

Chris Brummer, a criminal Michael Milken lacky has a ridiculous degree in ‘Germanic Studies‘ – drinking beer and grilling Bratwurst sausages, but zero experience or background in financial regulations. Bribery and nepotism got his moonlight job at FINRA NAC. Then he ruined my wife.”


Robert Colby, the notorious FINRA General Counsel

Robert Colby makes millions sitting on a chair, picking his nose wondering how to fill the empty seats for FINRA’s rubber stamp FINRA National Adjudicatory Counsel, or FINRA NAC. Chris Brummer came handy:

“Chris Brummer is the only FINRA NAC member in history who has no experience whatsoever in financial regulations. But he is a great FINRA ‘Uncle Tom’ packaged with bended knees.”

FINRA NAC promotes itself as a “neutral” appellate body within FINRA, staffed with “highly experienced” and “independent” experts in financial regulations.

“Besides the obvious marketing bullshit and garbage, FINRA NAC is a notorious kangaroo court holding a perfect record of ruling against FINRA members 100% of the time.”

The mysterious FINRA general counsel Robert Colby is the man behind Chris Brummer fraud.

To appease the “Black Lives Matter” folks in order to have the appearance of an “ethnically balanced” hearing panel, FINRA needed a “black lipstick.” In 2014, professor Chris Brummer was “handpicked” by the obscure FINRA general counsel Robert Colby as a “minority representative” for FINRA NAC – the only black man on the all-white FINRA NAC panel. Read more: FINRA NAC, NATIONAL ADJUDICATORY COUNCIL KANGAROO COURT, RUBBER STAMP.

“Georgetown law center has a few nuts like Chris Brummer,” said a source speaking on the condition of anonymity. “No one seems to know much about him except shocked at his notorious online profile. Chris Brummer is a sleazy, weird dude.”

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Dr. Bratwurst sued for financial fraud

While Brummer was at a moonlighting job for FINRA NAC to supplement his income, he ruined the lives of two black brokers by fabricating evidence against them so that he could have sex with a FINRA “star witness.” Talman Harris, one of the two wrongfully accused men sought assistance from the Black Lives Matter movement. With BLM’s help, Harris filed an appeal to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals which blasted Professor Brummer for making up stories, rigging a FINRA NAC hearing, fraud and abuse of power. The court record is here.

In 2016, black investment broker Talman Harris said his life was devastated by Chris Brummer. “Chris Brummer is an incompetent phony. I am suing him for fraud,” said Talman Harris.



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