13 Feb

Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, FINRA Defend Rape Charges Claiming ‘Regulatory Immunity’


Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, FINRA Defend Rape Charges Claiming 'Regulatory Immunity'

Regulatory immunity or FINRA rape charges

FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority says it acted within its “regulatory immunity” when it raped a black FINRA member during a FINRA NAC hearing. In federal court filings, FINRA inferred that it could rape anyone because the rape is protected under its so-called “regulatory immunity” during a FINRA arbitration hearing.


Using regulatory immunity as an excuse after raping a woman and her 10-year daugher? If it sounds like outrageous bullshit, it’s exactly what FINRA is saying in public records to defend itself.

For most Americans, FINRA’s disingenuous argument is rife with fraudulent claims. If you are raped, you go to the police and you file a suit in court. FINRA says you have no such rights if you are a member of FINRA as a subject of FINRA NAC hearings. FINRA NAC is FINRA’s so-called National Adjudicatory Council, a notorious rubber stamp that endorses FINRA 100% against its members.

In 2013, imbecile Georgetown nutty professor Chris Brummer, aka “Dr. Bratwurst” presided over a FINRA NAC hearing and raped black man Talman Harris. Brummer said Harris deserves the steamy treatment because Harris had violated a bizarre FINRA rule.

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In protest, Talman Harris sued FINRA and Chris Brummer, taking FINRA’s Robert Colby, Michael Garawski and Alan Lawhead to court. According to Talman Harris’ appeal brief with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, a Nasdaq company’s financing received blessings from layers of Harris’s supervisors that included his direct manager Maureen Gearty, the firm’s lawyers, compliance officers and was signed off by the firm’s president.  As a series 7 licensed broker, Talman Harris followed their guidance and introduced the stock to his clients.


FINRA says, according to a 90 year old law, all investment advisers and stockbrokers in America must be, and are required to be registered with FINRA in order to conduct business. The theory is now being challenged in federal courts across the country.

“If you are raped by FINRA, you have no legal rights because FINRA claims ‘regulatory immunity,’ which protects it from lawsuits under any circumstances.”


Fraud, Lies, Georgetown Law ‘Professor’ Chris Brummer, Rigged FINRA NAC Sued for Fraud, Defamation

At least, that’s the claim FINRA is making in federal courts defending itself against indefensible FINRA NAC abuses.

“My reputation was raped by FINRA, FINRA NAC, directed by FINRA’ chief legal officer ROBERT COLBY, ALAN LAWHEAD, MICHAEL GARAWSKI,” said American hero Talman Harris, a former FINRA member.

Supporing a rape victim, the Heritage Foundation releases FINRA report

The highly respected The Heritage Foundation recently released a scathing report titled “Reforming FINRA” on February 1, 2017 blasting FINRA and FINRA’s unfair regulatory process, calling out FINRA as “largely unaccountable to the industry or to the public. Due process, transparency and regulatory-review protections and its arbitration process is deeply flawed.” The entire report is here.


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The Heritage Foundation is right: FINRA is rife with abuses and fraud:

“Inside the FINRA dog house, there is no law, there are no rules. Federal Rules of Evidence, the critical component of fair administration of justice do NOT apply to FINRA members or FINRA arbitration.”

As a member of FINRA, you are a slave to the abusive masters headed by FINRA cronies ROBERT COLBY, ALAN LAWHEAD, MICHAEL GARAWSKI, CHRIS BRUMMER, JEFFREY BLOOM and their surrogates.

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Within the massive FINRA bureaucracy, Alan Lawhead is a loser and a nobody. His entire existence rests on washing the dirty laundry for Robert Colby, FINRA’s notorious, racist know as “crooked Robert Colby.”

Renowned lawyer Bill Singer also expressed his support of Talman Harris, in a public statement:

“Notwithstanding my three-decades-plus of experience, I’ve rarely been as disgusted with the underlying facts of a case that implicated FINRA NAC member Chris Brummer, Robert Colby and call into question the legitimacy of the rigged FINRA NAC hearing process,” said Bill Singer, lawyer and Publisher of the BrokeAndBroker.com Blog.

Black American broker Talman Harris has his own horror stories to share about FINRA abuses. “My reputation was raped, shredded into pieces by FINRA, FINRA NAC, Alan Lawhead and his impotent boss Robert Colby,” said Talman Harris. “FINRA’s Dr. Bratwurst Chris Brummer made fabricated a case against me only because I am a Black man.”

“Alan Lawhead is a nasty, dirty FINRA tool, like a plunger to unclog an abusive, stinky FINRA toilet.”


FINRA NAC has a stench of cow manure arising out of a long list of FINRA’s self-dealings and conflict of interest:

  • Rigged FINRA NAC rulings: Historically, FINRA NAC sides with FINRA enforcement staff 100% of the time. Rigged?! (Even the “Big Brother” SEC only wins 50% of its contested cases in federal courts!)
  • FINRA NAC members work in part time, moonlighting jobs paid by FINRA.(Would you bite the hand that feeds you?)
  • FINRA NAC decisions are draftedand written by FINRA staff, approved by FINRA general counsel Robert L.D. Colby! (Wonder how FINRA wins 100% of its cases before FINRA NAC? )
  • FINRA NAC members are handpicked by FINRA’s general counsel Robert Colby. Many have no industry experience. (Would a slave kneel before a master?)
  • FINRA NAC members (“the jury”) are handpickedby FINRA general counsel Robert L.d. Colby for a specific case, who also picks FINRA enforcement staff (“the prosecutor”) to litigate the same case. Both report directly to Robert Colby. (The judge and the jury are picked by the same person? Say rigged?)
  • FINRA NAC members are mostly unqualified folks with zero experience in the financial industry (For example, FINRA NAC member Georgetown nutty professor Chris Brummer, known as “Dr. Bratwurst” has a degree in “Germanic Studies!”- grilling Bratwurst sausages and drinking beer.)
  • FINRA NAC is a cover for FINRA racism, fraud and outright regulatory abuses.
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