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Martha McBrayer, McBrayer Law Office, Sexual Harassment Lawyer Is A PO Box

Martha McBrayer, McBrayer Law Office, Sexual Harassment Lawyer Is A PO Box

Lesbian lawyer MARTHA MCBRAYER is never shy of controversy. She is notorious!

Martha McBrayer, the McBrayer Law Office chieftain has a fake office: a PO Box in midtown Manhattan.  At $25 a month, McBrayer has an impressive address in a PO Box. With additional $200, she had cheap website. For another $5, Martha McBrayer had a photo from Wal-Mart. Since 2015 when she was fired from another ambulance chaser law outfit, the shady ambulance chaser Martha McBrayer was in business – practicing an area of law that could make a donkey blush – sex and lots of sex!

Martha McBrayer calls herself a sexual harassment lawyer. In fact, she is obsessed with sex. No one is questioning Martha McBrayer’s insatiable sexual appetite towards a male, a female or whatever is in between. But since McBrayer deals with sex, readers may just reasonably assume sex is at the center of how Martha McBrayer makes a living. Her real name is “Martha Martin McBrayer.” In public records, McBrayer prefers to be called “M,” as the abbreviation for “Martin” – perhaps to avoid any appearance over her choice of a lover. But who cares which bathroom McBrayer chooses to dive into. What about an office address for the obscure McBrayer Law Office that no one has ever heard of? Well, it’s a PO Box, zip code 10001. Yikes, save that office visit!

Sources say the “sexual harassment addict” Martha McBrayer was twice implicated in her own sexual harassment cases, sued for sexual harassment under her watch, revealed in an investigative article: LAWYER MARTHA MCBRAYER, MORELLI RATNER LAW FIRM CHARGED: BANK FRAUD, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS, COURT SANCTIONS.

Fired in 2015 from a poorly paid job as the only employee and somehow the “head” of sexual harassment activities at a tiny, scandal-ridden Morelli Law Firm – notoriously known as the place for “midget Morelli lawyers, big fraud,” Martha McBrayer has since opened her own shop practicing salacious cases, fascinated with the obsession of sex, lies and fraud.


In 2015, McBrayer Law Office opened for business in a PO Box: all sexual matters welcome! But trouble followed her murky business almost immediately…

What’s also misleading to the public is Martha McBrayer’s convenient aversion from the truth about an $18 million “sexual harassment” extortion she said she had won.

The facts are to the opposite: Not only did McBrayer lie about the nonexistent case, she was fired by her boss, a notorious midget lawyer Benedict Morelli – who was under FBI investigation, sued for bank fraud, faced large court sanctions for lying to judges.

Martha McBrayer, McBrayer Law, sexual harassment lawyer

In 2015, Martha McBrayer allegedly had sex with a Swedish cocaine user Hanna Bouveng and made up a scam to extort $850 million out of a well-known investigative reporter. Martha McBrayer then misled a federal judge and defrauded a New York jury with sensational lies, including fabricating a nonexistent “Swedish court order.” Her client on a contingency payment arrangement is a 25-year-old admitted drug addict HANNA BOUVENG. The druggie Hanna Bouveng colluded with her twice-convicted gun criminal boyfriend – the Haitian drug dealer James Chauvet and orchestrated a shakedown on the businessman. After a trial, McBrayer lost it all.


In 2014, McBrayer extorted Saudi prince Abdula and launched a frivolous “sexual harassment” case against the Prince’s colleagues. A New York court threw out the case citing the frivolous nature of the claims. McBrayer has a pattern of lying to courts and fabricating court records. She has a perfect record of consistently losing cases, according to court record and media exposure.

Sources say Martha Martin McBrayer lives in a “closet” in Brooklyn. Cheap rent and a modest dress code – wearing the same 5-year-old polyester jacket have helped Martha McBrayer sustain a failed “law practice” fueled by scandals, extortion and deceit. While laboring for her former employer – the notorious Morelli Law Firm, under her watch, the firm and their horndog lawyers were sued for sexually harassing a black paralegal. Wearing a teenage boy’s haircut barely out of puberty, Martha McBrayer was deeply implicated in the David Ratner, Benedict Morelli, Morelli Law Firm bank fraud alleged by three banks, revealed in several lawsuits.

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